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Family. Tradition. Technology

Kirschenman Produce has been farming since 1939 and is a grower, packer, and shipper with new farms and partnerships strategically positioned throughout California. With these new plantings and partnerships, Kirschenman has different departments at different stages of the organizational life cycle.

As the new products & varieties continue in the grape & stone fruit, watermelon and potato categories, managing and partnering with outside collaborators allows our team to take in fresh and exciting ideas that help us improve the overall supply chain efficiencies. The grape category does have a global distribution presence, with a logistics and freight forwarding team that has the knowledge and experience in international customs phytosanitary procedures with core various produce importing nations.

The Kirschenman group is demonstrating elaboration stage characteristics by streamlining, and constant innovation and development through small company thinking.

Ownership has taken great steps to create a culture of strong ethical values. Management that has been brought in from outside the family, also shares the same values of ownership which resonate throughout the entire organization. These cultural & ethical values are constantly reinforced through day to day decisions and culture displayed by ownership.

The company aims to promote complete transparency with its partners, by sharing its strengths & weaknesses with core partners to gain feedback and insight on the best steps to grow in sync with its partners to increase the overall supply chain surplus.

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    We specialize in organic and conventional green, red and black grapes!
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